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Exciting Waterfront Living Opportunity at Lewis Wharf!

Historic Lewis Wharf is adding a floating trailer park! Perfect for discerning tenants who want a unique introduction to Boston’s seafaring history. The newly arrived dwellings, resembling stacked lobster traps, celebrate conformity and already appear to be reproducing. Each little gem offers a captivating low tide view of seaweed-covered granite walls and Lewis Wharf residents armed with powerful binoculars and a guaranteed attitude. Here is the trailer park experience on ground that promises to move from the wake of every passing tug. And that squawk of dock braces scraping against pilings? Frosting atop a communal waterfront experience where neighbors are only four feet away. This is a Boston real estate idea at its most interesting.

New houseboats have created a floating trailer park at Lewis Wharf marina – November 2012 – Photo by David Arnold
New houseboats at Lewis Wharf marina – November 2012 – Photo by David Arnold


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  1. Nice photos David Arnold. Two thoughts as I checked out the website, where one can check out the interiors of these, um, vessels(?)….
    1) The daily rates are way too low.
    2) Does the City of Boston(or Lewis Wharf)have a pump-out boat that’ll take care of “business” (#1 and #2) for these floating accommodations?

    Finally: word on the street is that these floating motels are docked at Lewis Wharf for the Winter only; Anybody know the story here?

  2. Serious your joking right projects in my back yard ?
    I just spent 1,200000 to look at a trailer park !
    This is just wrong time to spend some money on a
    Lawyer stop this joke of an idea
    Lets take a vote with all abutters

    1. If you look at the website listed above…. These are being rented out as hotel/motel units. I would like to know how they got permitted to do this in the first place? The Lewis Wharf condo board must have given their approval for this.

      1. No Joyce, the Lewis Wharf Trustees did not give their
        approval. WE were not informed that these units were
        coming. I wonder if the City of Boston was even asked
        for a permit. I hope that the Board of Health and/or ISD
        will look into the existence of these units.

  3. I think the term “trailer park” is being used to conjure up visions of poor, uneducated people living in squallor. Although these “house boats” are small and pre-fab, they appear quite nice and well kept, at least according to the pictures on At $225 per night they are definitely not meant to serve has homes for economically challenged individuals, but rather as guest quarters to tourists who have at least some money to spend in Boston. True, they are not the most up-scale of accomodations, but those with means probably shouldn’t begrudge others the opportunity to sleep on the waterfront…

    Houseboats and other types of live aboards are not well-regulated in Boston, and I think their owners rent slips like owners of traditional vessels. The marina owners probably welcome winter slip rentals! Check with the boat owners regarding pump-out. If they are aiming to rent these out on a steady basis, they will surely be sensitive to the waste situation. These types of accomodations usually hire pump-out boats to come around on a regular basis.

  4. lewis wharf was not notified—-and there are many concerns-trash removal—noise factor—-zoning and use compliance with city of boston—-which has specific marina regulations————-we are looking into it all with legal eyes—–more later

    mr campanelli
    lewis wharf

  5. you all sound like a bunch of whinny babies. waaaah i want to live in the city but don’t want to deal with the noise, or the people, or anything city related for that matter. certainly not those poor people.

    “Lawyers stop this joke of an idea.” – you sir are everything that is wrong with America right now. That is exactly what we need our lawyers and courts focused on, protecting the view of some entitled a-h. you paid for the unit, you don’t own the view

  6. I just moved into one for a winter rental, and I love it. Certainly, living on a houseboat is not for everyone. I guess I’m a little confused, I thought that having the opportunity to live on a boat in one of the most magnificent coastal cities in the world would be fun and an amazing time in my life. It’s unfortunate that this unique idea is facing so much criticism. If anyone wants to discuss it more, I’ll gladly talk it over at the sail loft.

    1. Hi Doug, I have always been a lover of the water. I am a year-around sailor and have spent a full winter at Waterboat Marina. Who ever did this has a pretty strong sense of entitlement for the main reason that they basically slipped these things into the water over night when no one including zoning and planning committees. Unfortunately, it will be a lot harder to get these things out of the water once they are in there. If there has been this much “criticism” like you say, I thing that is a good enough reason to raise a flag.

  7. I find it quite comical to come to this website evey once and a while just to see how insane people really are…to the point where the believe they have the right to sue someone because they don’t get to enjoy view of the harbor and they way overpaid on their condo. Last time I checked Peter the “right to light” laws haven’t existed in the past couple of centurys. I mean give me a break, these boat houses help generate revenue which will help pay for the police that apparently we so desparately need since the North End is turning to the “VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED!!!” I mean my god the water is disgusting anyways so why not take a place that isn’t being used for the winter and use it to generate some income in this economy. Oh thats right Mr. Smith must be all set in the finance department.

    1. Revenue.yes ,walmart generates revenue,but most agree the ,place contributes to the” dumbing down affect of the does identical house boats!!to launch a bunch of prefab houseboats does a complete dis- service to bostons historic realist,you should really move to areas where people just care about revenue,maybe n.h. Where there is very little care about aestetics.I certainly don’t own a fancy condo in the north end,but visuals are so important.if I was on a historic commission,I’d have those things extracted ASAP!

  8. Just to add a comment, I have just booked one of these boats for a week in August 2013. They are being rented permenantly, not just for the winter. I and my family are visiting your fine city from the UK and paying handsomely to do it (2000 USD for 6 nights is very expensive for us Brits). Having said that I am now not sure i chose the correct US city, as the famous welcome seems to a little sour…….

  9. Just wait until the summer when they rent them out to a groups of young folks having a bachelor or birthday party. Then they invite all their friends down to party with them on the water – breaking out the stereo speakers and partying all night long.

  10. Since when do we get to discriminate on what something looks like? It’s still technically a “boat”. Oh ya back when we used to have signs that say WHITES ONLY. grow up people.

  11. I was brought up in the North End of Boston some 80 years age. The waterfront was opened to all the poor Italians to enjoy.
    Sorry to see it has changed so. The waterfront should be opened to all. Ann C.

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