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Councilor LaMattina Speaks at North End Public Safety Meeting; Police Review Crime and Loud Party Reports [Video]

Boston Police, District A-1, hosted the monthly North End Public Safety meeting on November 1, 2012 at the Nazzaro Community Center. A timeline summary is shown below so you can jump around the video.

00:00 Welcome and introductory remarks by BPD Captain Thomas Lee.

00:40 Comment on recent Boston Globe article on North End quality of life issues.

03:00 City Councilor Sal LaMattina speaks on the proposed Nuisance Control Ordinance. Some residents comment on the proposal, with most offering support. Boston Police support the ordinance.

11:40 Crime statistics and arrest reports in the past 30 days – Captain Lee.

  • No homicides, no sexual assaults
  • 10/13/12, 3:37am – North End officers responded to 600 Commercial St. (parking garage) where 2 suspects were arrested after being found with stolen property.
  • 10/16/12, 10 pm – Atlantic and Commercial St. – Officer heard North Ender screaming for help, intercepted a purse snatch in progress. Suspect, 50 y/o from Pine Street Inn.
  • 10/17/12, 5 am – 214 Hanover St. – Woman broke into apartment to get away from male she was with. Found hiding in a closet in apartment. Listed occupation was exotic dancer.
  • 10/19/12, 2:09 am – Officers from noise control unit, responded to 9 Charter St. for loud rooftop party. One 17 y/0 Suffolk University student was arrested.
  • 10/24/12, 11:25 am – Officer observed known North End resident coming out back door of Cantina Italiana on Hanover St. with stolen meat and freezer goods. Suspect placed under arrest.

19:30 Robberies, assaults and break-in reports by BPD Teddy Boyle.

28:00 22 loud parties calls in last 30 daysCaptain Lee and Sgt Lema

  • 4 N. Bennet Ct. – Male arrested for disturbing the peace
  • 28 Fleet St. – Approximately 100 people at party, tenants later evicted
  • 139 Fulton St. – Birthday party out of control, Neighbor said 2nd party occurred 2 weeks later
  • 6 Unity St. – Party complaints investigated by BPD

34:40 Caffe Pompeii encouraged to add a late night police detail (open to 4 am)

36:30 Elderly on elderly harassment at Michelangelo

37:40 416 Hanover St. – Possible rave parties going on

42:10 St. Anthony’s Feast – residents thank police for their presence

43:00 General Discussion

The next North End Public Safety meeting is scheduled for December 6, 2012, 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. The meeting is open to the public.