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A Thanksgiving Message from NEMPAC

Happy Thanksgiving from NEMPAC! We have so much to be Thankful for this year –

Thank you to NEMPAC’s volunteer board members: Matthew Black, Susan Ward, Jennifer McGivern, Melanie Crocini, Chad Wolfson, Sandra Harcourt, Margaret Ris, and Court Clayton for your tireless support, efforts and passion in fulfilling NEMPAC’s mission: “To provide affordable arts related programming to the North End, Waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods. By encouraging participation in the arts, we hope to strengthen relationships within the community and enhance public safety.”

Thank you to all who help out at the North End Music and Performing Arts Center – some on a daily, some on a weekly basis! Private Music Instructors: Sherri Snow, Rebecca Rapoport-Cole, Ben Xia, Xiaolan Ruan, Kristian Baverstam, Rachel Carpentier, Greg DeBourgknecht, Jeremy Sarzana, Emma Stapleton, Sarah Glenn, Chris Schroeder, Mark Simcox. Music Theater Instructors: Alia Roberts, and Alexandra Dietrich. Morning Program at the Eliot Instructors: Courtney Laflamme, Chris Pike, Morgan Bernhard, Brian Bernhard, Taylor Crouch, Amanda Tarchara, Joanne Johnson, Emily Trask, Ingrid Oslund, Carey Schunskis, Mallory Salvaggio. Italian Instructors: Benedetta Rossi, Sonia Parravano. Course Instructors: Verve Yoga’s Karen Shea, Family Music Maker’s Laura DiGiacomo, and MyGym Mobile’s Heather Young.

Thank you to the City of Boston, the Parks Department, and the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park for having us perform at the Trellis Lighting on Monday night. Thank you to all 20 of the lovely children in our Music Theatre Troupe and Children’s voice class for their STUNNING performance – and to Ms Rachel Carpentier with the Ockeghem Consort (formerly Cambridge Chamber Singers – another thank you to them below) for their lovely performance

Thank you to all the parents and families of our students. And thank you to our students – DID YOU KNOW that NEMPAC currently serves more than 330 students per week? We serve in several different locations, through many offerings. There are many many details – and you all help make it happen by being patient, cooperative, helpful and kind with our tiny, but growing neighborhood non-profit.

Thank you to all who came out and supported us at our recent 2nd Annual Hoot & Howl Halloween themed FUNraiser. Thank you to Filippo’s for hosting us. Thank you to the costume contest volunteer judges, Coach Dom, Eliot School Principal Traci Walker Griffith, City Councillor Sal LaMatina, State Rep Aaron Michlewitz, and NEMPAC Friend and Neighbor Michele Morgan. Thank you to the volunteer “ShopKeepers Band”, Bobby, Mark, Albe, Joe, Jeremy. You guys rock! Thank you to everyone who dressed up and made it a great night! Thank you to Board members Melanie Crocini, Susan Ward, Margaret Ris, and Jennifer McGivern for all of your tireless help, and your amazing creativity in planning the event! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to send NEMPAC hardworking, and deserving instructors! Great photos are on our Facebook page. – Thank you Stefanie Klavens for the great photos!

DID YOU KNOW that only about 75% of NEMPAC’s annual expenses are covered by tuition and fees? The rest is fundraised by our volunteer board, instructors, administration and friends of NEMPAC. Our mission is achieved because of the hard work of these folks, and because of the generosity of folks like you who donate, volunteer, seek matching funds, etc. Thank you!

Thank you to all the great kids who enjoyed pumpkin painting on the Prado this year! Thank you John from Prince Postale for selling us 300 pumpkins for $100! That’s some pretty fancy math!

Thank you to all the businesses, NEMPAC friends, and neighbors who helped make this year’s halloween trick-or-treating AMAZING. Thank you to Melanie Crocini for organizing the distribution of the trick-or-treat signs and to Ruth Gonzalez, Jen Maser, Claudette Teti, Jen Bowen-Flynn, Jen Hamilton, Ames Forish, Kelly Hudak, Dana Carey, Lauren Dwyer, and Laura Boucher for helping Melanie with this huge task.

Thank you to PIZZERIA REGINA for donating 42 Pizzas (that’s A LOT of Pizza!) for our Annual Pizza Party on the Prado on Halloween night! Thank you Emily Trask for picking them up.

Thank you Dad Chris Wells for rigging up some lighting for the playground during the Pizza Party. I don’t know what we would have done without it! Thank you to everyone for your kind, and thoughtful input ahead of time, and feedback after the event – it gets better and better each year because of you!

Thank you to the Old North Church for hosting us for our first two of several Winter Concerts – on Friday, October 19th, Cambridge Chamber Singers performed Early Acapella music from the 15th and 16th Centuries. Beloved NEMPAC Piano Instructor Rachel Carpentier sings with and co-leads this group. On Friday, November 16th, the ONC welcomed us for an interactive concert featuring the Redline Brass Quintet playing the works of Leonard Bernstein.

Thank you CityLights for welcoming us for our upcoming Children’s Music Theater Troupe’s production of Annie. Friday, December 7, 5:30.

DID YOU KNOW that our 330+ students/week are currently served out of NEMPAC’s 800+ square foot facility on the Prado – A George Robert White Fund facility – along with borrowed or rented space from all of the above? We wouldn’t be able to do it without the many kind neighbors who allow us to use their space.

Thank you to The City of Boston, and The George Robert White Fund, ABCD, Boston Harbor Community Church, Lincoln Wharf, The Eliot School, The Nazzaro Center, The Hull Street Visitors Center, St Stephen’s Church, The Old North Church and CityLights for being willing to work with us and help us with space issues.

THANK YOU all so much for all you do to help us serve this great ‘hood! Have a wonderful, safe, and creativity filled THANKSGIVING!

Becca Griffin
Executive Director

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