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Eliot School Band Makes Performance Debut at Faneuil Hall with NEMPAC

This past Wednesday, December 21, 2017, Grades K to 8 students from the Eliot K-8 Innovation School gathered at Faneuil Hall, The Great Hall for their annual Holiday Assembly! Led by the North End Music and Performing Arts Center teaching artist Stefano Marchese, students from the newly piloted Eliot School Band program showcased all that they’ve learned in the past 10 weeks in their performance of “Ode to Joy“. Students in this pilot program are from Grades 4 to 8 and receive private group instruction and ensemble rehearsals once per week. Almost all of the students enrolled in the program have no former musical instrument training.

A beautiful performance of “Stay” by Rihanna was also heard from the Eliot Music Ensemble, a more accelerated band program, and the newly formed Eliot School Choir.

Eliot performers!
Eliot Music Ensemble musicians
Eliot Music Ensemble and Eliot School Choir perform “Stay”

Eliot Band Program directed by NEMPAC’s Mr. Marchese

The Eliot Band Program is a new collaboration with the Eliot School, starting in September 2017, that provides instrument instruction to the students in grades 4-8. Students participating in the program meet twice a week with NEMPAC faculty to study either clarinet, flute, percussion, or trumpet in a group lesson and in full band rehearsals. Group lessons provide coaching on individual instruments, music reading, and small group playing. The full band rehearsals, led by Stefano Marchese, allow the students to collaborate on their music by playing together and working towards a common goal for a performance.

The Eliot Music Ensemble is in its second year with NEMPAC. Led by Stefano Marchese, Eliot School students with a year or more experience on an instrument are invited to meet once a week for group rehearsals. The students work on and perform several advanced works ranging in musical styles throughout the year. The Ensemble offers a new musical experience for students who are accustomed to private lessons by bringing them together to collaborate, learn, and perform.

To participate in either of the above programs, please contact Manda Shepherd, NEMPAC educational programs director at or by calling 617-227-2270.

The NEMPAC and Eliot K-8 Innovation School music program is partially funded by the BPS Arts Expansion Ed Vestors Grant Program.

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