7 Replies to “Photo: Cigar Waste on North Street

  1. I live on North St and agree completely. Tourists and locals who leave trash of all kinds around make me sick.

  2. What Kills me is the person who empties their car ashtray right onto Hull Street by their parking space—as if the north end and all the people who live here are part of his/her own personal ashtray. I don’t understand the thinking that personal debris of any kind belongs in the public space—don’t get it, never have , never will.

  3. i think lower cooper street could give north street a run for its money for dirtiest street in the north end. some residents and tourists are likes seem to enjoy being pigs in this area.

  4. cigars are made from tobacco leaf. No different than the leaves that fall from the trees this time of year. The cigars once extingished no longer emit any deadly toxin. No harm can come from touching or stepping on a “put-out” cigar. Is this the same for dog poop? Don’t the street cleaning machines pick up this extingished biodegradel cigars? However, I do see the need to keep the streets clean. So, maybe a little extra effort in disposal of cigars is reasonable.

  5. North Street is nasty. If you live on this street please get out your broom and sweep your sidewalk once in awhile. Yes, it’s not you making the mess, but we all need to help keep our blocks clean. It will make a huge difference if more people do this. When I do this in front of my building, my neighbors see me and they get motivated to do the same. If a block is clean – people are less likely to liter.
    PLEASE, let’s all help keeping this beautiful neighborhood – beautiful.

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