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Trash Cans Removed From Park on Corner of Richmond & Commercial Streets

Park w/o trash cans (Feb. 2013 photo by M. Conti)

The trash cans at the small park on the corner of Richmond and Commercial Street are gone. Joy M. shares this news and wonders:

Why did they take out their trash cans in the park? I know a lot of people eat at that park on the benches and it is nice to have trash cans handy there. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about this?

We found an old photo with the trash cans, shown below, and took one earlier today without them, shown above.

Park on Corner of Richmond & Commercial Street with trash cans (2010 photo courtesy Nate Swain)

2 Replies to “Trash Cans Removed From Park on Corner of Richmond & Commercial Streets

  1. This is a thumbs up and down issue. Up because it was reported and down because WHY would trash cans be removed from any public area? Dog owners, People enjoying the area with food, need a place to dispose of trash. Is using the Park as a trash can a better option? Who gets to clean up the mess and deal with the rodent following?

    Let’s hope that the reason is that New attractive larger trash recepticles are going to replace this one . However, that could have been done at the time of replacement.

    Too much trash, too few recepticles. Who is responsible for properly maintaining that area? It would seem that they need to address this important matter, NOW

    Michele Brogan

  2. I’ve seen where residents complained about trash barrels over-flowing due to being used by neighbors to put residential trash, and the city (maybe parks?) answer was to remove the barrel. Neighbors called and had them returned, so I urge you to reach out to your city councilor and/or the Parks Dept to confirm what’s happening in your park.

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