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NEAA-Nazzaro Center Small Fry Basketball League Starts October 18th

The NEAANazzaro Center  Small Fry Basketball League,

one of the most popular programs run out of the center, is about to begin again for its 40th season!  The various levels of the league provide winter long basketball instructional and (mildly) competitive basketball for Boys and Girls Ages 4-14. The games/instruction are held on

Thursday/Friday Evenings for the 7th-9th grade division,

Saturday afternoons for 3rd-6th graders and

Saturday Mornings for the instructional league

(Note; the instructional league plays on 7 foot baskets).

(Full schedule to follow)


Each player is given a team shirt, are instructed by highly competent youth basketball coaches and instructors, play a balanced and organized, full schedule officiated by skilled referees, with all games played at the Nazzaro gym utilizing the main scoreboard.

The season Runs from Oct 18 until “March Madness” (the two younger divisions begin Nov 10)

and culminates in a season ending awards banquet in May.

This league is entirely FREE once you register for the Nazzaro Center;

$20 for the first child and $15 for each subsequent sibling.

To sign up, you must pre-register at the Nazzaro Center anytime Monday through Friday from 9am-9pm.

For more information, call 617-635-5166 and ask for Carl