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Battle of the Saints Champion, St. Agrippina, Supports NEAD!

Warren Mustacchio of St. Agrippina Society and Champions Trophy

This past Saturday, October 13th, all of the Feast Societies in the North End held a “Battle of the Saints” Bocce Tournament.

Over a couple hundred members of all the North End Feast Societies filled the Bocce Courts on Commercial Street. Tons of fun was had by all who participated!

St. Agrippina Feast Society walked away with the bragging rights as CHAMPIONS of the 2012 BATTLE OF THE  SAINTS BOCCE TOURNAMENT!

Along with the bragging rights came a $1000 prize to be donated to a North End Community Group.  St. Agrippina donated half of their winnings to North End Against Drugs and half to the St. Agrippina Children’s Toy Program and Christmas Party.

“North End Against Drugs is extremely grateful to St. Agrippina’s Feast Society for their generous donation to our program,” stated NEAD President John Romano.  The money will be used to cover programs for the children and families of the North End over the winter.

2 Replies to “Battle of the Saints Champion, St. Agrippina, Supports NEAD!

  1. The members of Saint Agrippina had a blast. Each society donated snacks and beverages and had a table set up for other societies and guests to enjoy. Everyone showed class, sportsmanship and a sign of a good time.

    The boys at Saint Aggy’s are looking forward to defending OUR title next year!

    Viva – Dan Petrigno

    1. Congrats Danny and all my friends at Saint Aggy’s.

      It was a fun day and it wa for a good cause.


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