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Thursday News & Views: Senator Petruccelli, Recycling, Jose Duarte and a “Less Than Saintly” Photo


What’s Going On Thursday, September 13, 2012:

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli, representing the North End / Waterfront is the guest of the NEWRA at Thursday’s meeting, 7pm, Nazzaro Center. Business requests are also expected by Pauli’s, The Wine Bottega and Bread and Butter (former Caffe Graffiti location.) See the full agenda.

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What’s new on the blog:

Answering the question … what happens to your recycling after it is picked up. Find out.

What people are talking about:

We posted two videos of community meetings this week, NEWNC, the Neighborhood Council (here) and the Bartlett Place improvements discussion (here). Both are riveting. Take my word for it.

Notable News Found Elsewhere:

North End Chef, Jose Duarte of Taranta, has reduced his garbage production to 1% by composting, recycling and buying local. He talks about what “sustainable” means on WGBH public radio.

Boston Teachers Union and the School Department reached a tentative agreement on a new contract after 27 months of negotiating. See more at Boston.com. I’m guessing the deal avoids this.

Just For Fun:

If you grow a Mohawk for 15 years, this is what you get (Herald).

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

I followed all the North End religious processions this summer to take photos and met some great folks. The two featured in this photo fit that bill at the St. Joseph’s procession this summer. I believe the lady works at Strega. She was great in supporting all the processions. They guy was one of the lead carriers and was just married last week, so this was taken a few weeks before that. With the look on his face, I title it, “Less Than Saintly Thoughts.”

Less Than Saintly Thoughts – July 2012 by Matt Conti

Click photo image above to enlarge. Did you take a great photo? Send it in.

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  1. Great photo! Love the expressions – and the woman in the window in the back – what a scene!!!!

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