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The Amazing Race – SMILE Mass Comes to the North End

The North End hosted the 3rd Annual Amazing Race to benefit SMILE Mass (Small Miracles in Life Exist). The race started in the Prado – Paul Revere Mall where participants received clues directing them to various places, marked by signs. The last stop was at the Coast Guard Station.

On one of the stops, the 12 groups picked up cookies at Bova’s Bakery and delivered them to residents’ homes. I stopped in on North Ender Janet Gilardi when the Reebok team brought her the cookies. Janet was all prepared for the handoff and the team gratefully accepted bottles of water. The team took a moment so I could snap the photo below.

SMILE Mass is a non-profit with the mission to provide handicapp accessible vacations to those with disabilities and their families. Phase One of this project is to bring Mobi-Chairs (amphibious rolling beach chairs) to the beaches of Cape Cod that will allow many special needs people to access the beach for the first time. Phase Two is renovating a home so that a family with a handicapped individual can take a real vacation. Read more at

Below are more photos of Amazing Race teams and stopping points.

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3 Replies to “The Amazing Race – SMILE Mass Comes to the North End

  1. Thank you Matt and Janet! We had so much fun in the North End. Everyone was so supportive it was great. And we REALLY appreciated the water bottles! – Anna from the Reebok team

  2. Hi Matt, I asked Susan Brown who won the Amazing Race~~~The Crazy Mothers won !!! Smiles Organization raised $25,000.00~~~Wasn’t that great ???????

    And you are welcome Anna~~~the Water Bottles~~were my pleasure !!!!

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