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Street Occupancy Permit Signs and Other Remnants of Moving Week

It was relatively calm on the streets this weekend now that the September 1st moving rush is over. Still, there are remnants everywhere, including trash in the wrong places at the wrong time. But that’s nothing new.

Street Occupancy Permit signs are another remnant. Longtime resident, David Kubiak asked, “Why does every pole still have expired permits, tattered signs or endless tape?” He has resorted to taking a boxcutter to remove the incredibly strong tape used to post these temporary signs. Even worse off are the confused vehicle owners that cannot make sense of the myriad of signs on the poles, some no longer in effect. Many cars end up getting towed because of conflicting signage.

Boston Transportation Department issues the occupancy permits, but it is the permit holder’s responsibility to remove them. The city has an online system where you can sign up for alerts if a street occupancy permit is issued on your street. Residents can call the City’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 or file an online report regarding expired permits.

The photos below show some examples of expired and tattered permit signs, endless tape and some trash out all weekend. I threw in one of the pigeons because they seemed to have a good week. Photos taken by Matt Conti on Saturday, September 9th.

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One Reply to “Street Occupancy Permit Signs and Other Remnants of Moving Week

  1. Come on people~~~take a scissor and cut off these signs yourself ! It takes longer to complain about them~~ than it takes to remove them ! I’m the first one to complain about something that is someone else’s job to get done~~~but we have to “get into it ourselves” and just “DO IT” !! I do, however, believe it is the job of the people who moved in to remove these permit signs~~Not the City ???
    If everyone does a little bit more than they “HAVE TO” things COULD IMPROVE !!!!!
    Thank You David for doing what you do~~~it is well appreciated !!! And Thank you Matt for posting these offenders !

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