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Disabled Italian Swimmer to Cross Boston Harbor

Salvatore Cimmino at Congo’s Lake Kivu.

If you see a swimmer in the Harbor passing by the North End on the morning September 22nd, don’t be surprised … it’s just Salvatore Cimmino. Nic Orichuia tells the inspirational story on

When Salvatore Cimmino looks across the Boston Bay, he doesn’t see a vast stretch of water. What he sees is the dream of an international network to help amputees like himself and physically disabled people all around the world lead a better life. “We are on the eve of a very important and very difficult stage for me,” says Salvatore, who is in Boston for a series of meetings before the 17-mile swim on September 22, when he will hold the seventh stage of his four-year “Swimming in the Seas of the Globe” initiative.

Originally from Torre Annunziata, near Naples, for many years Salvatore had a hard time moving around the city with an obsolete prosthetic limb. “Cities in Italy are still very behind in accessibility,” says Salvatore, who loves Boston. “It is the most accessible city in the world. If I had had a chance to visit the city when I was younger, maybe 20 years ago, I would have seriously considered moving here.”

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Salvatore’s swim will start at 6 am on September 22, 2012 at the JFK Library and will end at the USS Constitution, passing along the waterfront on the way.