Tuesday News & Views: French Cabaret, Zoning & Licensing Meeting and a Santa Lucia Closing Photo


What’s Going On Tuesday, August 28, 2012:

Tired of the Italian Feasts? Practice your French, 6pm at Christopher Columbus Park when Annie Royer performs French cabaret songs with a showing immediately afterward of the French Classic film Wages of Fear (in French with English subtitles). View the pdf flyer.

NEWRA’s Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee listens to several new applications including the former Caffe Graffiti (bakery/cafe plans), Wine Bottega (adding beer), Pauli’s (new beer/wine license) and two basement additions (4 Foster St. and 27 Clark St.). The meeting is held 7pm at the Mariner’s House, 11 North Square, 2nd Floor. See the full agenda.

Check with event organizers for last minute changes. View details and more community happenings on the Events Calendar.

What’s new and exciting on the blog:

We posted Part 2 of an extensive photo gallery from the St. Anthony’s Feast Sunday Procession. This one includes the late afternoon and early evening through the streets of the North End.

Karen Cord Taylor tells us what books not to read.

Just For Fun:

Check out the end of summer events on the Summer on the Waterfront calendar roundup.


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Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

It’s the end of the big summer feasts with the Feast of Santa Lucia being held on Monday night. The photo below shows the statue of St. Lucy watching the closing fireworks from Endicott Street. A gallery with all the Santa Lucia Feast photos is coming soon.

Santa Lucia watches the closing fireworks – August 2012 by Matt Conti

Click photo image above to enlarge.

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6 Replies to “Tuesday News & Views: French Cabaret, Zoning & Licensing Meeting and a Santa Lucia Closing Photo

  1. On Tuesday evening, the tennis courts at North End Park remained littered with casings and other debris from the previous night’s firework show. With all the complaints about illegal dumping, improperly bagged trash, and dog droppings around these parts, you’d think the Feast of Saint Lucia organizers would have had the courtesy to clean up after themselves. I won’t get into the curious decision to set off fireworks at 11:00 PM on a Monday night in a neighborhood whose residents constantly complain about noise. Perhaps there’s a double standard when it comes to the disruptive feasts that plague us each August?

  2. Why did you move to the North End if you do not like the feasts? If you consider them so disruptive you have several choices…go away every weekend from the end of July through Labor Day, stay here and avoid them, stay here and enjoy them, or move to a different neighborhood before Aug 1, 2013. The feasts have been going on for a hundred years. Not going to stop anytime soon. Fireworks are very different from screaming puking obnoxious drunks and music blasting through open windows or roofdecks at 2AM. Ridiculous to even try to compare the two.

    1. Are you suggesting, then, that it was appropriate for the feast organizers to leave fireworks debris all over the tennis courts?

      For the record, I choose to stay here and try to avoid the feasts.

  3. was referring to your attitude about the feasts…claiming that the feasts plague “us”..they might plague you but thousands of people look forward to this religious and cultural tradition every year, claiming that the St Lucy fireworks are like the nosie from the obnoxious drunk young people who scream at 2AM and thinking that St. Lucy’s (there were even bigger St. Anthony fireworks on Sunday night in the same location) society should have cleaned up the tennis courts immediately. It took them until Tuesday night to clean the area where the feast was held and it looks immaculate. So no stop putting words in my mouth. I did not suggest it was appropriate for the tennis courts to be left a mess. I was suggesting that I am pretty tired of people who move to the North End for the culture and then bitch about it. Same way I feel about people who buy condos across from a basketball court and then call the police every 5 minutes because the sound of the basketball and the voices of the kids and adults who aare playing irritates them. Instead of posting a snarky comment on this blog, why not contact St Anthony’s society and/or St Lucy’s Society directly. Do not ask me for the number because I am sure you can use google search as well as I do.

  4. the organizers of the festival work very hard to address all the concerns of the neighbors. there was a large police presence , there was a company hired to clean the streets. If there was something they missed it is customary to call the club and report the problem to the festival organizers. I am sure this problem will be addressed. this is how its done. as for the other issues that were mentioned, unfortunatley (sp) talking, and reasoning dont work. owners of dogs are still opening the gate to the children swing area which is clearly marked and letting their dogs in.this in spite of the fact that there are four levels of space in the playground that can be used .The same is true for 2AM roof parties and 2AM basketball games.. the roof parties will end by the first snow but 2AM basketball is all year.

  5. Mark:

    As a member of the Saint Anthony & Saint Lucy Feast Committee, I apologize for the mess that was left at the tennis courts after the firework display and I will do my best to address this issue next year.

    However, I do not appreciate the comparison to resident complaints about parties and noise in the wee hours in the morning to the events of the North End Feasts. For over 100 years, our organizations have held these events. I understand the neighborhood and the events themselves have changed in that time, but our commitment to this neighborhood has never wavered. We collectively support our local senior centers, nursing homes, and youth organizations, such as little league and softball teams, school scholarships, Halloween and Christmas parades and parties, and also our local drug programs and churches. I do not believe there is a double standard, but there certainly is a difference.

    As both a resident and Feast organizer I do my upmost to ensure that the festivities are as least disruptive as possible. Our fellow neighbors know me to be responsive to these concerns. My fellow members and I will always do our best to address any reasonable issue like the one you raised in this post.

    Please contact us through our website if there are any issues in the future.


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