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Trash Reported and Citations Issued

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Fulton Street resident, Janet Gilardi, sends in these photos and tells of her experience this weekend with trash outside her door and how the city responded early on a Sunday when she called the Mayor’s hotline (617-635-4500):

I called The Mayor’s Hot Line, reporting 3 or 4 incidents on my street with the filth on the ground and early trash – put out !!!

10 Minutes ago I witnessed Officer Cherry on my Street~~~DOING HIS DUTY~~~GIVING TICKETS OUT TO THESE OFFENDERS !!!!!

He was on a Bike. In a timely manner, he investigated the situation, wrote out the citations and placed them on their mailboxes !!!
Needless to say, I was Very Pleased !!! Even the gentleman who answered the Hot Line was very diligent in taking the report !!!

I DO NOT like being a monitor of garbage~~~but some people cannot just be told about the LAW~~they have to get hit in their pockets to learn a lesson!!!

THANK YOU Mr. Mayor~~~Your Office is a Credit to You !!

5 Replies to “Trash Reported and Citations Issued

  1. Is it best to call the hotline about trash? I reported trash on Saturday morning and the ticket still has not been addressed on Citizen’s Connect app. Good to know.

    1. Maybe you need to use more exclamation points to get your point across to the mayor’s office.


  2. Particularly distressing is that neighbors continue to leave trash outside of our house, at the base of the nearest tree. Fortunately, the inspections officer who opened the trash bag on Sunday afternoon took photographs of the address on a magazine label inside the bag (apparently for a resident at 149 Fulton). If you are a resident at that address, please start putting trash out in front of your own building. They will indeed see it and pick it up if it is properly bagged.
    On a related note, we have ceased to put trash out the night before because the trash pickers rip open the bags during the night and the garbage collectors often leave bags behind that have been opened or that have gaping holes.

  3. Thank you all for reporting. My husband and I saw a huge pile of stuff, including mattresses on saturday and did not know the number to call. 617 635 4500 is in my mental computer.

  4. One major issue this summer has been dealing with the feasts. I went to put garbage out earlier this summer (around 11:30PM) and was told I had to leave it in the ally by one of the feast organizers instead of putting it out by the road. Of course the trash built up in the ally by the residents who had no choice. We were issued a ticket the next day. Residents in the neighborhood need to be much more understanding of one another during feast season, as we all have to be very accomodating of the feasts that go on throughout the neighborhood

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