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Street Fight at Hanover and Commercial Streets on Police Blotter

Reported incidents from the Boston Police Journal Log are shown below, courtesy of District A-1.

Robbery / Street
08/17/12              11:15pm
Female victim reports while walking on Hanover St. at Commercial St. she was pushed from behind by a female suspect. At this time a fight ensued between both females, the suspect’s boyfriend intervened and threw the victim down on the pavement and punched her in the face. Suspects smashed the victims cell phone on the sidewalk and stole US currency from her purse. Suspects fled on foot up Hanover St. toward Charter St. Detectives to follow up.

3 Replies to “Street Fight at Hanover and Commercial Streets on Police Blotter

  1. I’m pretty sure I was walking home from work and saw the group that attacked the girl for no reason. If the victim was a blond girl and the assault happened sort of near the fire department then the idiots who jumped her for no reason live or at least ran down Hanover Lane or whatever it’s called right off of Hanover st across from Charter St

  2. Brunette Girl with a raspy voice, seemed very trashy and lacked intelligence. Had a gay friend with her with really tight skinny jeans and a Bieber type haircut

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