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Bartlett Place Improvements – Community Meeting on September 11th



The Boston Public Works Department is considering undertaking capital improvements to Bartlett Place in the North End, as part of the Neighborhood Commons Program.  The existing conditions of this small yet critical area have been brought to the attention of City officials.

Representatives of the Public Works Department would like to engage residents, business interests, and property owners in a discussion of the  design options, use, and third-party maintenance of Bartlett Place.

You are invited to attend an initial meeting to be held on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 6:30PM at the Nazzarro Community Center located at 30 North Bennett Street.

Agenda items will include:

  • Existing conditions
  • Potential designs and concepts
  • Street furniture and amenities
  • On-going maintenance

Representatives of the Engineering Division of the Boston Public Works Department will be in attendance to respond to your comments and questions.

The meeting is co-sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

Thank you for your consideration.  Please contact Frank O’Brien of the Boston Public Works Department at 617-635-3894 with any questions.

Bartlett Place – Photo by Matt Conti

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10 Replies to “Bartlett Place Improvements – Community Meeting on September 11th

  1. Will one of the Bartlett Place improvements be finally fixing the sewer at the end of the street where huge puddles of stagnant water sits for days when it rains creating unhealthy (mosquito breeding, etc) conditions?

    It’s also quite smelly. The drainage is horrendous and the area restaurants are always washing out containers/trash receptacles that then drain directly down this small residential street. It’s often foul smelling for days because of this…

    1. Jane…why not attend the meeting and find out first hand what the plans are and ask the question of the people who can answer it instead of aasking the readers of the Matt Conti blogosphere to read the minds of the city officials?

    2. Tell ya what, the North end sewers have allways smelled very bad they are old and many if not all have NO! traps to seal off sanitary piping that connects catch basins , to the to the mains in the ground, SO yes any food waste from containers that wind up down these basins will smell bad untill heavey rain washes it away, However ! there is new laws that strongly prohibits any ANY dumping other than rain run off in any street drain , it will just wind up donw a storm drain and in the sanitary system, NOT LEAGAL! there are very heavey fines for this now , but the city needs to monet and put in please the fines!

  2. Joyce… I was merely putting the comment out there, so to speak. I try to attend as many meetings as I can so I had very intention of being at this meeting.

    Having said that, Matt’s blog has a decent readership and it is quite possible that, in fact, someone could answer my posed question.

    1. Don’t listen to Joyce …

      I think it’s a great question, some of us lead pretty busy lives and aren’t able to make every meeting…I walk by bartlett a few times everyday and have thought the same thing.

      (This comment was partially moderated by the editor.)

  3. Oh is that so Nick? there is a phone number for the public works dept in the announcement where Jane could direct her question and get it answered by the people who are hosting the meeting if she cannot attend. Why expect someone who reads this to be able to know what is in the plans of public works or ask it for her and report back. I did not say it was a good or bad question. I said she should ask it herself at the upcoming meeting. Why don’t you meet me somewhere and say your snarky remark to my face. Bet your yuppie self doesn;t have the nerve.

  4. ^^^internet toughguy alert^^^

    I love how the personal attacks policy comes out, yet one of the main actors in these personal attacks continues to be allowed to post, wordpress offers an extensive ability to ban trolls.

    1. Let me clarify that the policy allows criticism, but not “harsh, hateful attacks.” Strident disagreements are part of the debate, and that’s fine. As I mentioned before, there were many comments that I did not post. I also take a second look when someone complains about being unfairly attacked, and I’ll remove/edit something if I agree.

      Moderating comments is a soul-sucking job. Even you, Dan, would be shocked at what comes in. Everyone has their own “line” that shouldn’t be crossed. I’ve tried to set that out in the comments policy. It can be very subjective. Similar to porn … you know it when you see it.

      Thanks for the wordpress tip; otherwise I’d have never known. 🙂

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