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RUFF Initiates Regular Cleanup Program by Dog Owners in North End

The newly formed North End dog group, Responsible Urbanites for Fido or RUFF, held an inaugural Sunday morning cleanup and hopes to make it a monthly community event. Some non-dog owners also helped out, including NEWRA’s President, Stephanie Hogue. The Residents’ Association hosted a meeting last month with city officials that spurred discussion regarding a future dog park.

RUFF appears to be demonstrating the “responsible” in their group’s name by pitching in to spruce up the North End’s parks and opens spaces. Specific areas targeted this time was the Prado (Paul Revere Mall), Copp’s Hill Terrace, Greenough Lane, among others.

The photos show some of the trash that was cleaned up by RUFF along with one of the signs that were hung. It was reported that a lot more trash was collected than dog poop, with cigarette butts topping the list. Nor was dog feces the only type of feces identified.

Interested in joining in on the fun? Contact RUFF at

RUFF, Responsible Urbanites for Fido, has been posting these “good dog owner” signs in popular doggie meeting spots around the neighborhood. (Photo by RUFF)

RUFF picked up bag loads of trash last Sunday, shown here on the Prado. The group also properly disposed of the trash bags. (Photo by RUFF)

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  1. Kudos to Ruff for cleaning up the Prado and other spaces and trying to get other dog owners to be responsible and respectful of the neighborhood. Other groups have tried this in the past and started out fine and then it just fizzled out so I am a bit skeptical. Time will tell and I am rooting for their ongoing efforts to succeed in getting people to clean up after their animals.

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