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Crime Stats Down; Residents Raise Quality of Life Issues at Public Safety Meeting

From left, Sgt. Tom Lema, Captain Tom Lee, Officer Teddy Boyle and Suffolk Univ. Neighborhood Rep. Rich Grealish at the July 5, 2012 North End Public Safety Meeting.

Boston Police hosted the July 2012 North End Public Safety meeting this week where recent crime statistics shows a 21% decrease in reported North End incidents through June as compared to last year. About 40 residents attended, continuing to raise quality of life concerns regarding general mayhem in the streets and parks, especially on weekends. The meeting was held on July 5, 2012 at the Nazzaro Community Center with BPD District A-1 Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Thomas Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle.

In the past 30 days, there were no homicides, sexual assaults or robberies in the North End. Police made a total of five arrests during the period in the neighborhood.

There were two aggravated assaults in the last month, both involving beer bottles. The first involved two 20-somethings throwing beer bottles at Police Officers from a roof at 462 Hanover Street (see Beer Bottles Thrown at Officers From Hanover Street Roof on 4th of July). One suspect was charged with a felony. The second aggravated assault happened at 415 Hanover Street, Lucia Ristorante, where an intoxicated female threw a beer bottle at the bartender when she was shut off. The suspect was arrested.

Three break-ins were reported in the neighborhood during the past month:

  • At 223 Endicott St., 2 laptops were stolen on June 17th.
  • At 135 Salem St., around June 15th, jewelry was stolen while the resident was away. No forced entry.
  • At 304 Hanover St., cash and jewelry were reported missing by an elderly resident.

At 99 N. Washington St., on July 4th, an auto theft was reported. It was possibly towed for the holiday festivities.

Six larcenies were reported in the last 30 days:

  • 6/17 – Bike on Atlantic Ave.
  • 6/17 – License Plates on Stillman St.
  • 6/25 – Elderly North Street resident reported her money stash went missing.
  • 6/25 – Endicott St. – Cash and food reported stolen.
  • 7/4 – Sargent’s Wharf – Car broken into while watching fireworks.

Four other cars were reported broken into on Fleet St., Hanover St., Thacher St. and Endicott St. Items stolen generally include GPS units and valuables left in motor vehicle.

Boston Police towed 7 cars, issued 58 moving violations and 313 parking citations in the past 30 days.

Police reviewed their efforts to clear out youth partying in North End parks. Large groups of minors have been found drinking in the “flights” area of the Gassy (DeFilippo Playground). One arrest was recently made for underage drinking. In a second incident, officers made the kids clean up the park area.  Regular patrols are being made at the Gassy and Commercial St. parks to get the word out that these are not drinking areas. BPD also had gang cars out last weekend, watching the parks and Mirabella Pool area.

Party Calls – In the last 30 days, Sgt. Lema said there were 8 loud party calls in the 12am-4am period being tracked. Addresses include:

  • 64 N. Margin St.
  • 57 Fleet St.
  • 89 N. Margin
  • 88 Endicott St.
  • 28 Fleet St.
  • Salem & N. Bennet St.
  • 138 Prince St.
  • 462 Hanover St.

Sgt. Lema reported on the homeless issue along Commercial, Causeway and Atlantic Ave. Officers can displace the homeless, but cannot charge them unless they commit a crime. Christopher Columbus Park, Long Wharf, underneath the Charlestown Bridge and behind the Steriti Rink are popular areas with the homeless. One resident reported that the homeless have taken to the new Armenian Heritage Park and that trash issues are becoming an issue there.

Residents issued various reports of street mayhem, especially on weekend nights. Noise and property destruction (trees pits, flower pots) along Richmond St. and Prince St. were reported as being hit nearly every weekend. Resident Marie Montemanaro said the “North End is being left for slaughter” due to a lack of police prescense.

Captain Lee sympathized with the quality of life concerns, but noted that “crime does not even register on the scale in the North End.” He cited a manpower issue across the city. “It’s the residents that make the change,” Lee said, implying that constant reports and calls can make a big difference. Sgt. Lema took down the new locations reported as subject to the late night issues.

NEWNC’s Marie Simboli asked police to provide more information about motorcycle noise in the neighborhood. She reports they make excessive noise on Prince Street.

There was no update on the burgeoning Neighborhood Watch. Seven people showed up at the first meeting according to one resident that attended.

Officials from Boston Transportation Department also presented information on traffic signal/crosswalk issues as well as parking enforcement. These issues will be reported in a separate post.

Given the high interest in recent North End Public Safety Committee meetings, Sgt. Lema volunteered to host an extra meeting on August 2, 2012. In the past, the committee has skipped the August meeting for vacations. Meetings are generally held at 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Community Center on the first Thursday of the month. View the Community Calendar for more meetings and events.