NEAA Dodgers Update

by Ralph Martignetti, Commissioner

The NEAA Dodgers recently kicked-off their 2012 season. The Dodgers put three teams on the field. In the RBI League the Dodgers field a 13-14 year old team coached by Chuck Bilikas and Bill McAllister and a 15-16 year old team coached by Aaron Michelwitz and Matthew Imbergamo. In the Lou Thompkins All-Star League the Dodgers field a 17-19 year old team coached by Randy Foley and Ralph Martignetti.

The Freshmen Dodgers have gotten off to a good start led by the pitching of Anthony Freni and the hitting and defense of Robert Pagliuca, Kurt Martin and Brett McAllister. The Dodgers plan on getting stronger as the season goes along with rookies like Tim Martin, Lorenzo Pantaleo, Paul Szulc and JC Pezzuto improving every game. Under the leadership of Coach Chuck and Coach Bill the Dodgers seem primed to make another run at the RBI title.

The Junior Dodgers have started 1-1. The Dodgers are led by the all around play of Nick Iudiciani. Nick’s pitching, hitting and fielding is at the top of the league. Nick gets lots of support from Jack Ditomassi, Joe Saliba, and Michael Rauseo. Coach Aaron had to overcome an injury to ace pitcher James Ditomassi but is working hard with his current players to fill the void.

The Senior Dodger’s have gotten off to a 1-0 start. Riding the rocket right arm of Greg Bilikas and some incredible depth the Dodgers are poised for another deep run. With North End stud players like the Iudiciani brothers, the Martignetti brothers and Vin Lopi the Dodgers have a roster of 16 top level ball players. Last year’s returning leading hitter Ryan Carvalho and do-everything center fielder Bobby Mello make the Dodger’s very formidable.

“We are very proud of the Dodger’s program” said baseball coordinator John Romano. The key to our growth has been the addition of top level coaches. These men really help drive the boys to the next level. It also great to see the commitment we get from our young men. Most of the senior Dodgers have jobs but they manage to get to all practices and games.