NEAA All-Star Game on June 22, 2012 – Team Rosters

On Friday June 22nd at 7pm the NEAA will host its annual All-Star game at Langone Park. Players from the Cardinals and Cubs will battle players from the Tigers and Indians. The game will be dedicated to the memory of Johnny Paolo. The teams will be named after two recently retired coaching legends; Paul Luongo and Jack Cronin. Here are the rosters for the teams.

Team Luongo:
Richard Pagliuca – Tigers
Fortunato D’Ampolo – Tigers
Kyle Bernardini – Tigers
Domenic DiCenso – Tigers
Evan Frechette – Tigers
Edward Ardolino – Tigers
Alex Dellatto – Tigers
Philip DiBlasi – Tigers
Zach Taieb – Indians
Nick Shea – Indians
Jase Cherchi – Indians
Vincent Coppola – Indians
Isabella Vilar – Indians
Brianna Woods – Indians
Calvin Szulc – Indians

Team Cronin:
Colman Shea – Cubs
Francis Shea – Cubs
Marcos Soto – Cubs
Michael Troiano – Cubs
Lawrence Chan – Cubs
Isabella Del Peschio – Cubs
Brianna Campochiaro – Cubs
JC Pezzuto – Cards
Owen Locke – Cards
Oliver Franklin – Cards
Francesco Santaniello – Cards
Francesca Rubin – Cards
Nolan Ward – Cards
Jarod Rapoza – Cards
Serina D’Amico – Cards