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Commemorating National Fireman’s Day on June 10th

Sunday, June 10, 2012 is National Firemen’s Day and commemorated by Bob Shure’s Boston Monument sculpture.

Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial 2007
Outside Beacon Hill State/ Bowdoin St. and Ashburton PL.
Robert Shure, Sculptor Bronze

In this strong bronze pyramid, the artist depicts the constant war between man and fire as three firemen are positioned to fight a fire from every direction.

Efforts to construct a memorial to fallen firefighters began in 2000 with the formation of a non-profit association. After seven years of fund-raising and planning, this memorial was unveiled. Its design features three elements: the central bronze figures, a Ring of Honor consisting of bricks inscribed with the names of deceased firefighters, and the Firefighters’ Prayer and Bell, placed to the side of the figures and ring. Sculptor Robert Shure also designed the Boston Irish Famine Memorial, located near Downtown Crossing, and a Korean War memorial in Charlestown Navy Yard.

Joe Gallo