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The Haymarket Project: Part III – Summer

In the third of a four-part series, The Haymarket Project moves into the Summer stories of the diverse vendors in Boston’s Haymarket. This year-long project captures the varying atmosphere of each season at the market taking viewers on a unique tour of this centuries-old market.

Haymarket Project – Part III includes interviews with vendors and customers, and a few tips on making the most of a visit to the Haymarket. Interviewees include Avril Gardner, Emanuel Gus Serra, Peg Burhoe, Hassam Elsharkawi, Sophie Tham and Jesse Holler. Many will recognize the cover photo with Otto Gallotto, President of the Haymarket Pushcart Association who is also featured in Part II – Spring.

Audio and video editing and original still photographs produced by Justin H. Goodstein-Aue. Additional portfolios of Justin’s work on historic businesses can be found at The Haymarket Project is produced in partnership with the Haymarket Pushcart Association as part of Historic New England’s Everyone’s History initiative. Learn more at