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Mayor’s Office Promises Plan for Eliot School Expansion by May 1, 2012

The Mayor’s Office has issued a letter to the Eliot School community, breaking its long-silent stance regarding expanding North End K-8 public school. The February 24, 2012 letter is pasted below and available here as a pdf. The letter is a glowing report on the turnaround story of the neighborhood school, specifically noting the improvements in test scores and its success in developing partnerships. While it does not mention the other organizations by name, the noted “partners” appear to refer to North End non-profits including NEMPAC (North End Music and Performing Arts Center) and the North Bennet Street School.

Most importantly, the Mayor’s letter addresses the dire need to secure more space for current and future student enrollment at the Eliot School. It promises a plan for a short-term and long-term solution, including capital needs, by May 1, 2012.

The timing is coincident with the bid process having been completed for the North and Richmond Street buildings. With the only submissions coming from the North Bennet Street School and a symbolic proposal from the Eliot School Family Council, the gears would appear to be in motion for the NBSS to phase-in a move to the old city printing plant and police station, followed by Boston Public Schools expanding the Eliot K-8 School into the NBSS properties. It is still early in the process and there are many undeveloped details to be worked out in that conceptual plan.