Police & Fire

Emergency Vehicles Respond to Harbor Area Around New England Aquarium

Emergency personnel responded this morning to the Boston Harbor area around the New England Aquarium at Central Wharf. There was a report of a boat capsizing, but responders apparently did not find anything. Bruce McCue captures the scene:

We received the following report on the incident:

Boston Police received a report of what appeared to be a capsized boat and possible drowned person in the water between the Hyatt Hotel (at the airport) and the Aquarium.  The person making the report was on an upper floor of a hotel.  Responding police were unable to locate anything and wondered if the reporter meant the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel rather than Hyatt Hotel.  That led to some confusion and the large response by police and fire dept. units.
A BPD marine unit (boat) located a piece of floating dock in the harbor between the Hyatt and the Aquarium that could have been mistaken for an overturned boat.