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Take the Red Pill to Nate Swain’s Ugly Boston Blog

There are many Boston blogs with pretty streetscape photos. The new blog by North End-based artist Nathan Swain is not like that. By now, you probably know Nate’s work. He did the Salem St. powerhouse building windows, the greenery walls in St. Leonard’s Peace Garden and Polcari’s rolldown door, just to name a few. Last year, Chronicle did a segment on his artistic passions. Now, the North End-based artist has started a photo blog … a Blank, Ugly, Boring Boston “potentially” made Beautiful blog. Here is how he describes it:

I am going to show you all the places in Boston and surrounding communities that I personally think could use a little polishing, brightening, greening, or softening. Basically places that could use some art or photography, sculpture or better Architecture. I am going to be pointing out places you probably never noticed because they are not worth looking at.

Starting in the North End area he knows best, Nate has already created an “ugly map.”

Nate then gives a final warning for visitors to the site:
Once I point the spots out you may never be able to ignore them again.
You take the blue pill click this link:
the story ends, you see whatever you want to see.
Or, you take the red pill – I show you how deep the blankness goes.

Go ahead, you know you want to –> Take the red pill.