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“Sticky, Stinky Berries” at Cutillo Park & What’s With the Knights?

A Citizens Connect user posts from Morton St. about the “sticky stinky berries” at Cutillo Park.

Sticky stinky berries! And three christmas trees! Please clean out park before a big snow!

On Universal Hub, where this was posted as the Complaint of the Day, an anonymous commenter adds another North End complaint:

My North End compaint of the day is the Knights of Columbus on N Margin Street. Not only is it terribly ugly and should be condenmed, I have never seen it used aside from St. Anthony’s Feast and it has massive amounts of private parking.

Most importantly, the gate to get in was sounding a loud and obnoxious alarm last night from 11pm through 1am.

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One Reply to ““Sticky, Stinky Berries” at Cutillo Park & What’s With the Knights?

  1. Haha! That was me! They closed that without picking up the berries (they picked up the trees) – so I re-opened it again by calling. I hope that works! These things smell GROSS and the dog tends to walk all over them.

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