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Painting: Memories of the Strada by North End Artist Michael Dean

I just finished this commission for a nice couple living in the Strada building. They’re going to be moving to a larger, suburban place in about half a year, when their new baby starts walking. They wanted to have a painting that would commemorate their time in the North End, and figured I’d be the guy for the job – I had to concur!
I painted them in the window of their condo, as seen from the “Welcome to the Historic North End!” sign on the street in front of the Filippo restaurant. The artistic license that I took was to make them a little bigger then normal, so that they could be recognized in the painting. The title of this 24″X18″ oil painting is “Memories of Living at the Strada – North End”.

3 Replies to “Painting: Memories of the Strada by North End Artist Michael Dean

  1. Michael was absolutely wonderful to work with on this painting. The photo does not do it justice! The colors and the details are amazing! Michael, you are soooo very talented! Thank you!

  2. Absolutely amazing. It will be so nice to have in years to come when you move to a home in the suburbs. Your new baby will have it to cherish for years. Wonderful and amazing talent that this artist has.

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