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NEAD Skate Date on January 29th to Feature “ID A Kid Program”

Prudential Financial ID A Kid Program to Attend NEAD SKATE DATE

As part of North End Against Drugs’ “Skate Date” Fundraiser Event at the Steriti Rink, Prudential Financial Services will have their free “ID A Kid Program” at the Rink on January 29th from 2pm to 5pm. The ID A Kid Program consists of a fingerprint identification card that is provided to the parents who attend the event with their children. The identification card can be used to capture a child’s fingerprints, name, address, birth date, weight, height and other distinguishing characteristics. The card is then returned to the parents for safekeeping. This program can also be used for college age-students. Every year there are disturbing reports of missing or exploited children all over America. It is important that parents and guardians have current identification, which can help law enforcement quickly begin the search for missing a child. “This is a great program and we are happy to have Prudential Financial Services be part of our event”, stated NEAD President John Romano, “we hope all of the parents will take advantage of this opportunity”.