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Lovejoy Wharf Water Transportation Options Discussed at Boston Conservation Commission

Lovejoy Wharf with North End at lower right, West End / North Station at lower left and Charlestown at upper left. (DCR Image)

If and when a development happens at Lovejoy Wharf, there will be a docking facility for water transportation according to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation (DCR). The floating pier that was previously used by the MBTA at the location was temporarily relocated to replace a damaged dock at George’s Island.

According to a December 11th update by DCR to the Boston Conservation Commission (BCC), the docking facility can be brought back to Lovejoy Wharf when the George’s Island structure is repaired.

Commissioner Vivien Li noted that waterfront development is gradually returning to Boston as shown by the recently completed Atlantic and Liberty Wharf projects. There may be news forthcoming on the Lovejoy Wharf development as meeting participants believed the litigation has recently been resolved between Ajax developers and the abutting Strada 234.

Once the Hoffman Building at Lovejoy Wharf is redeveloped by Ajax (or another developer), DCR and the BCC envision Lovejoy Wharf becoming part of the water transportation network on Boston Harbor with ferries to other waterfront locations, such as the Seaport and Fort Point Channel areas. (Ed: How about a North Station to South Station connection?)

The BCC intends to ask the Boston Redevelopment Authority for an update on the Lovejoy Wharf development status.

In a separate water transportation matter, the BCC was not pleased with the lack of progress toward a docking facility adjacent to 500 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic Wharf at Fort Point Channel. An update by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) revealed little attention is being given to the project after more than a decade of delays. The project was a Big Dig mitigation requirement established by the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Since the requirement was established, the entire Russia/Atlantic Wharf development and tower has been completed. The BCC questioned the whereabouts of the allocated funding for the project. The Commission intends to write a letter to the MassDOT Secretary regarding the unacceptable delay.

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