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Ice Chimes Opening: The Other Greenway Event

Video index:
00:00 Comments by Greenway Conservancy, Moskow Linn Architects and Payne Bouchier
10:00 Silk Road BBQ Interview
10:40 Live Music by 3 Part Invention
16:30 Concluding Remarks

Perhaps in a bit of irony, one Greenway park was being evacuated at the same time another section of the park was being “occupied” by the Conservancy’s public art. “The show must go on,” said one observer. And so it did last night with the opening of the interactive winter art exhibit “Ice Chimes” on the Greenway despite the de-occupation happenings just down the road at Dewey Square. Although the North End’s “Northern Lights” event was rained out earlier in the week, the Wharf District Greenway event was helped by clear, albeit chilly, weather for the opening of the “Ice Chimes” exhibit.

“Ice Chimes” is a temporary public art installation on the Wharf District Greenway park across from Rowes Wharf and part of the Conservancy’s Winter Lights series. Designed by Moskow Linn Architects, the display will last through April 2012. The sculpture is 20 feet high and designed to collect rain and snow, forming icicle growth along the metal chime elements. “Ice Chimes” was built and installed by local fine builders Payne Bouchier with the assistance of structural engineers Siegel Associates.

The opening featured interpretive music by 3 Part Invention after a series of brief speeches by Conservancy and project executives. The event was followed by a gathering at Vintage Lounge, 72 Broad St.

Toward the end of the video, you can also see the Moonlight Globe installation also on display at the Wharf District parks across from the Harbor Garage.