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Ask Toni & Maria – Real Estate Column #1 is very pleased to introduce a new column, “Ask Toni & Maria” from the real estate professionals at Elite Boston Landmark Realty. Email to have them answer your questions in an upcoming column.


Q. Hi Toni and Maria,  Can my landlord raise my rent in the middle of the year?
Sara, from Hanover Street

A.    Sara, if you have a lease “no”. However, if you are a tenant at will “yes”. Your landlord is required to give you a 30 day notice before the 1st of the month and he/she can certainly raise your rent. Make sure you sign a lease it will protect you for the term of the lease.

Q.  Hello there Toni and Maria,  I am being transferred to Boston in January. When is the best time to buy? BTW, What is your favorite restaurant?
Paul, New York City

A.    Welcome to Boston, Paul. We hope you are not a Yankees fan!!! The best time to buy is now.
The interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades. Typically, people do not like to move in the Winter so you might get a better deal at that time.  However, you’ll see more inventory if you wait until the Spring.  Regarding the recommendation on a restaurant, we suggest you start at one end of the North End and eat your way through. That is what we do!

Q.  Hello, Do you charge a rental fee?  Thank you.
Michelle, From the Fenway

A.    Hello Michelle from “The Fenway.” Thank you for writing in!  Yes, we charge a rental fee equal to 1 month’s rent.

Q. Hey Toni and Maria, I think I remember you both growing up.   My family once owned a building in the North End.  We now regret selling. Is it still possible to buy a four or five unit building in the North End/Waterfront?
Mario, Stoneham

A.    Hi Mario …. The short answer is yes, however you have to be ready to move quickly.   When a building is listed it does NOT stay on the market for long.  Our recommendation is to find a good broker in the neighborhood that specializes in building sales, to help assist you with your purchase.

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  1. Nice column. Here's a question from a landlord … What's the best month to rent an apartment, September?

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