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Two Bulfinch Triangle Developments Move Forward; Still No Supermarket

Two developers have filed project change notices, moving the process forward on building complexes planned for the West End’s Bulfinch Triangle area. First, the Merano building is proposed for the intersection of Beverly and Causeway Streets, adjacent to the North End at the end of the Greenway. Second, the Forecaster Building renovation is proposed on Portland Street. The projects would add rental apartments and a hotel, subject to approval from the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

These projects are separate from the Trinity Financial development, One Canal, proposed next to the Avenir on Greenway Parcel 2 A/B where Stop & Shop recently withdrew from the project. There is no word of the long-awaited supermarket moving forward in the area. Renderings and project notices are shown below from the BRA’s blog, where more information is available.



4 Replies to “Two Bulfinch Triangle Developments Move Forward; Still No Supermarket

  1. Hi, Heather – Have you been to Polcari's, Monica's, or Going Bananas? I find that with some trips to CVS, The Golden Goose and Bob's grocer, I don't need a supermarket. I like supporting the local business owner who keeps my streets safe and clean. A big supermarket could threaten the beautiful fabric of merchants we have here.



  2. @Brian…There are plenty of people in the Northend who cannot afford to shop for all of their needs in local stores…most of which (CVS, Goin Bananas, tthe Golden Goose etc) charge from 3-10X what one would pay on a supermarket. The presence of a superrmarket will not destroy the merchant's who are here. It might force somestores (CVS, GoBananas, The Goose) to be more reasonable in their pricing. I would hardly call any of the stores "beautiful" by any stretch of the imagination. People with cars travel to Chelsea and Somerville and Charlestown for groceries and those of us without cars have groceries delivered or take a cab or rent a zipcar. The seniors take a bus and can only bring home two bags of groceries per trip. If you can afford it and are happy with what you can get in local stores, more power to you. But We need a supermarket, we were promised an AFFORDABLE supermarket for the North End, West End, adn Beacon Hill for the past ten years and we will get a supermarket. When we do you can exercise your right to not shop there if you choose.

  3. Hi Brian, I get a sandwich once in a while at Going Bananas, but the rest of their pricing is crazy expensive. Also I've found outdated items there more than once. I do support local businesses, however, I can't easily get everything I need in the North End. So I have to rely on Peapod. A good supermarket here would be a blessing.

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