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Boston Police Clear Occupy Boston Protesters From Second Camp on Greenway Park

Resulting in scores of arrests but no injuries, Boston Police cleared the second Occupy Boston encampment on the Greenway last night. Blogger Garrett Quinn took the video above and describes the sequence of events:

“As darkness fell and tension rose the protesters made their defensive preparations. All the tents were moved into a tight circle while a ring of people locking arms lined it. … Then at approximately 1:20 am a large column of riot police marched from outside South Station up Atlantic Ave. … At 1:40 am the police barreled through the first line of defense the occupiers put up … People were screaming and yelling stupid nonsense at the police but most complied, albeit angrily. … Within twenty minutes the park was clear of protesters and DPW workers were throwing the remains of the camp into garbage trucks.” (Read the full post.)

Occupy Boston remains at their main camp on Dewey Square. The tents expanded over the weekend to include the new Greenway parcel across from Atlantic Wharf (formerly Russia Wharf). Boston Police said they would not allow this area to be “occupied” because it recently underwent a $150,000 renovation with new plantings. Boston Police communicated with protesters through Twitter telling Occupy Boston to leave the second site giving them a midnight warning. As shown above, they were not kidding.

Update: Greenway Conservancy Issues October 11, 2011 Statement: