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Regina Pizzeria Anniversary at Faneuil Hall – 35 Cent Pizza for 35 Minutes on September 8th

The number 35 signals an innovative event celebrating the 35th anniversary of Regina Pizzeria, the oldest shop in Faneuil Hall Marketplace!

Join us on Thursday, September 8, 2011 as Regina Pizzeria celebrates 35 years at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (opened in 1976)! Marketplace visitors can enjoy pizza slices for only 35 cents; available for 35 minutes (11AM-11:35AM), inside of the Quincy Market Colonnade.

The event also commemorates the 85th Anniversary of Regina Pizzeria! Open since 1926, the words “Welcome to Regina Pizzeria” have greeted customers ever since!
“35 fabulous years at Faneuil Hall Marketplace…Who’s Bettah than us? Box Closed,” touts Anthony Buccieri, COO of Boston Restaurant Associates {Regina and Polcari’s}.
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