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Move In North End Trash Piles – September 2011 – They’re Here!

They’re here! The annual September student moving ritual is upon us. The new neighbors have arrived and that means a lot of trash on the streets as shown in these photos taken on September 1st in the North End.

A real moving company – yay!


Walking Away.Can’t have too many hangers.


Pod Me Some Storage.


I’m sure she was thrilled.


This sofa had a good life.


Clunky Clark St.


Courtesy = Standing up your trashy furniture.


Stay fresh and pressed.


Tagging Beds


The new neighbors.


Someone liked that print once.


Highly organized trash.



3 Replies to “Move In North End Trash Piles – September 2011 – They’re Here!

  1. Matt: at least your captions made me laugh. Otherwise…this neighborhood was appalling. Why didn't the city put on extra trash trucks? Bet Beacon Hill and Hyde Park were cleaned in a hurry.

  2. I don't know about Hyde Park, but Beacon Hill looked like a war zone Wednesday and Thursday. What I'd like to see is what happened in Mission Hill, where Northeastern rented some trash trucks to clean up after their students. Suffolk should do the same next year.

  3. Yes, the photos depict some sorry scenes, indeed. But, isn't it always this way when the new school year begins, and college kids are moving out, and the new students move in? The trash is always gone in a day or two.

    I don't mind this, I mind the overflowing trash cans, especially on Hanover street. Couldn't the restaurant owners do some cleaning up in the evening so we don't have to wait until trash day. This, after all, is a daily occurrence in contrast to the students moving in and out, which mostly happens in the spring and fall for a few days..

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