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Video: NEMPAC’s Tuesdays@7 on Prado

Video: Excerpt of “Me and Bobby McGee” at last week’s Tuesdays@7 concert on the Prado by NEMPAC performers featuring Jeremy Sarzana, Emily Trask, Daniel Trask, Carrie Huisingh and Brian Johnson.

On July 5, 2011, the North End Music & Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) continued its free outdoor music series on the Prado, also known as the Paul Revere Mall, between Hanover and Unity Streets. The series, titled “Tuesdays@7” is open to the public and features NEMPAC’s talented instructors.

The concert opened with a jazz trio featuring Scott Boni, Mark Zaleski and Lee Fish performing improvisations based on works for the American Songbook.

The North End branch of ONEin3 Boston collaborated with NEMPAC to include a farewell performance for Carrie Huisingh, a member of No End, the NEMPAC Rock Band.

Upcoming dates:

July 12th
– Opera & Broadway Night with Vocalists Sherri Snow, Chris Schroeder, Giovanni Formisano, Ralph Garcia, and Pianist Rachel Carpentier

July 19th
-Contemporary selections from Vocalist and Trumpeter Chris Schroeder, Guitarist Jeremy Sarzana, and Percussionist Brian Bernhard

July 26th
– Jazz Variations featuring Greg deBourgknecht, David Corcoran on Vocals, and Scott Boni on Saxophone