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City Starts Sidewalk Repairs in North End


Photo: Mayor Tom Menino and District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina on Hanover Street with workers performing sidewalk repairs throughout the North End and other Boston neighborhoods. (Photo courtesy City of Boston)

The City of Boston has initiated a sidewalk repair program to replace 15,000 square feet of North End sidewalk paths this summer. Mayor Tom Menino and City Councilor Sal LaMattina held a press conference this week in the North End to announced the beginning of the project. The City of Boston performs sidewalk repairs every year, but an increased budget and cheaper contracts are allowing for a greater effort this season. Much of the sidewalk work is on street corners where the city is catching up with wheelchair ramps required under Federal regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act. The sidewalk repair program will include other Boston neighborhoods covering a total of 600,000 square feet of sidewalks through mid-November.


Mayor Tom Menino on the corner of Hanover and little Prince Street where new concrete is being poured for replacement sidewalks. (Photo courtesy of City of Boston) 

4 Replies to “City Starts Sidewalk Repairs in North End

  1. I realize it's just for show, but am I the only one that thinks its funny with the mayor standing at the bottom of the concrete chute? so much for those shoes!

  2. as many sidewalks have been tourn up as expected, BUT when it is directly in front of a door way n the contractors must provide some temperary means so as to lesson the drop as people / tenants have to step so for down , this is a public safty issue , , as we don't know just how long it will be when the new walks will be puredwith concrete , from what we see so far as for now ! they are just cleanning out so many side walk / sections and ten we gess they will begine to pour the new ones , so in the mean time IF, it is people;s front enterace , some safty steps are needed asap .

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