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Spazzare! Clean-Up Campaign Launches at Boston Shines in the North End

Click on the video to see the launch of Spazzare! at this year’s Boston Shines in the North End.

Spazzare! (to sweep), a new campaign by NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee, launched at this year’s Boston Shines event in the North End / Waterfront.

Joining the launch was Public Works Commissioner Joanne Massaro and Frank O’Brien, along with Councilor Sal LaMattina and representatives from the offices of the Mayor and State Representative Michlewitz.

Clean Streets Chair, David Grant, introduced the program and showed off the decorated brooms and dustpans that are being installed along Hanover St. The brooms were decorated with the help of the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC), the North Bennet Street School and children from the Eliot School.

Onein3 also held “Sip and Serve” as part of Boston Shines with with about 25 young adults participating to clean up Langone Park along Commercial St. An organized group of dog owners also participated Boston Shines.

About 50 neighbors gathered at the Prado (Paul Revere Mall) before heading off to clean various streets and parks in the neighborhood. Piles of trash were formed for later pickup by the Public Works Department that sponsors the annual neighborhood clean-up.

More information on Spazzare! can be found at their Facebook page or

Spazzare! images courtesy of David Grant.

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