In this excerpt from Chronicle’s episode on the North End’s Hanover Street, we learn more about how Italian immigrants assimilated to their new home with the help of the Post-Gazette (formerly La Gazzetta del Massachusetts) from current publisher, Pamela Donnaruma. Then, switching gears to neighborhood beautification is the work of artist Nathan Swain and his transformation of the wall in St. Leonard’s Peace Garden and the Salem St. Powerhouse building windows.

Nathan Swain’s transformation of the concrete wall in St. Leonard’s Peace Garden is also shown in this speed video: From Boring to Beautiful: Adding Color to the North End
More on Nate Swain at:
More on the Post-Gazette.

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  1. Ditto.
    And what makes him even more amazing is that he does all this stuff with his own money, just because he loves the neighborhood. You have to admire that.

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