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North End/Waterfront-Based Site, GlobalPost, Seeks Release for Reporter Detained in Libya

James Foley, a reporter for GlobalPost, is being detained in Libya with other foreign journalists by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. (Click image for Facebook page.)GlobalPost, an international news organization headquartered at The Pilot House, Lewis Wharf in the North End/Waterfront, has dispatched a recovery team to Libya’s border crossing with Tunisia to seek release of its freelance journalist, James Foley.

The GlobalPost war correspondent is one of several reporters being held, along with Clare Morgana Gillis, a freelance writer for The Atlantic magazine and USA Today; and two photographers, Manuel Varela de Seijas Brabo of Spain and South African Anton Hammerl.

According to a GlobalPost article,

Three foreigners matching the descriptions of Foley, Gillis and Brabo were spotted inside a detention center in Tripoli last week, according to sources inside Libya’s capital. The sighting of Foley, Gillis and Brabo is the first confirmation that the captured reporters were transferred to Tripoli. Witnesses reported that Foley, Gillis, and Brabo were captured by government forces on April 5 near Brega, an oil town in eastern Libya at the center of the two-month long conflict between rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi.

A Facebook page has been created to show support for the journalists at There is also an online petition for their release: