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NEMPAC Film Festival Videos

NEMPACThe Second Annual NEMPAC North End Film and Music Festival featured local filmmakers, musicians and plenty of friends and neighbors who enjoyed Valentine’s Day at the Hard Rock Cafe for the event. A portion of the proceeds will go toward visual arts education.

From the NEMPAC website:

“Congratulations to Sal D’Girolamo and all the crew of “Strangers” and thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you again next year!”

PLTV taped this interview with the founder of the NEMPAC festival, Jon Sproul:

Most of the films are available for viewing online, with those available for embedding shown below along with some other PLTV interviews.

2AM (filmed in North End):

 PLTV Interview with crew of 2AM:


Strangers with Candy:

City Life:

College Town:


Soiled Relationships:

PLTV Interview with the crew from Soiled Relationships:


Pictures (trailer):

A square with 3 sides (Internet Movie Database)