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Haymarket Proposals Shown at Parcels 7 and 9 RFP Committee Meeting


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) presented conceptual diagrams, shown above, with potential layouts for the Haymarket vendors as part of the anticipated development on Parcel 9. The triangular Greenway plot, known as Parcel 9, is currently empty other than four dumpsters for the pushcart vendors that set up on Blackstone, Hanover and North Streets.

This week’s presentation was the latest in a series of meetings for the Parcel 7 and Parcel 9 RFP Advisory Committee. The committee was set up by MassDOT to advise on guidelines for upcoming development proposals for Greenway Parcels 7 and 9.

“The only way to make this (Parcel 9 development) successful is to make it a win for the most important stakeholder, the Haymarket Pushcart Association,” said MassDOT’s real estate director Peter O’Connor. Officials noted that the YMCA has withdrawn from its designation to build a community center on nearby Parcel 6. This is the latest in a string of failed development plans on the Greenway including the Boston Museum, New Center for Arts and Culture and Garden under Glass.

After observing the Haymarket operation over several weeks, MassDOT’s consultant admired the tenacity of the vendors. “They are the most remarkable, ad-hoc, make it work type people,” said the consultant. A goal of this study was to solve some of the infrastructure and trash issues that currently exist and will ultimately impact Parcel 9.

Haymarket – Key Issues

  •     Service – Delivery & Setup
  •     Trash – Dumpster location & quantity
  •     Storage – Floor (leveling) and Roof
  •     Utilities – Power, Lighting (sea of extension cords)
  •     Heating (gasoline generators not allowed)
  •     Restrooms (employees)

With more established stalls and weather control, the proposed concepts could allow the Haymarket vendors to operate 5 or 6 days per week. Currently, the pushcarts operate from Thursday through Saturday.

The next meeting of the MassDOT Parcel 7 and Parcel 9 RFP Advisory Committee will focus on economic analysis relating to the proposed developments.

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