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Mexican Restaurant, El Triunfo, to Open in Former Grezzo Location at 69 Prince Street

A Mexican, Salvadoran restaurant, El Triunfo, has applied for a C.V. license to open in the North End at the former location of Grezzo at 69 Prince Street. The application does not currently include alcohol, just food, which is similar to its existing location on E. Berkeley St. in the South End. The license application states hours of 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The owner of El Triunfo is Ali R. Yagcioglu.

The neighborhood groups generally do not review C.V. applications without alcohol. The alcohol license previously used at Grezzo is in the process of being transferred to La Sosta di Marisa at 78-80 Salem Street. The hearing notice for El Triunfo is shown below.

7 Replies to “Mexican Restaurant, El Triunfo, to Open in Former Grezzo Location at 69 Prince Street

  1. Not sure why people who have chosen to live in an Italian neighborhood would complain about lack of options. It's like moving next to the airport and complaining about the noise.

  2. Years ago, there was an extremely popular with the locals restaurant on Endicott St called the Oasis Cafe…so named because it was an oasis from red sauce…not one thing on the menu. But it had amazing roast chicken, roasted or mashed potatoes, pork shops, meatloaf and a terrific Sunday brunch. A change from Italian cold cut subs and pizza or China House is a welcome addition to the North End.

  3. jimmy – the restaurants are italian, but the neighborhood isn't anymore. sorry to break the news to you.

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