3 Replies to “La Famigla Ristorante on Salem St. Applies for All-Alcohol License with Midnight Closing

  1. I can speak for NEWRA, only. The La Famiglia Giorgio license application is scheduled to be presented and discussed at NEWRA"s Zoning, Licensing and Construction (ZLC) Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 25, 2011, at the Pilot House, 2 Atlantic Ave. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Other items on the same agenda include:

    Application for transfer of the 1:00 AM Malt and Wine with Cordials license formerly exercised at Eclano Restaurant, 54 Salem Street, to Damien DiPaola, who apparently plans to open a new restaurant at the same location.

    Application for transfer of the 11:00 PM Malt and Wine license formerly exercised at Grezzo, 69 Prince Street, to Marisa Iocco, who plans to open a new restaurant at 78-80 Salem Street, formerly Michael's Salon.

    Application by Jorge Mendoza to extend the hour of operation of the existing All-Alcohol Beverages license at Vinoteca di Monica, 143-145 Richmond Street, from the current 11:00 PM M-Th, 12:00 AM F-Sun to 1:00 AM 7 days.

    Appeal by Nasser Buisier for zoning relief to enclose two adjacent outdoor balconies serving recently combined units on the 7th floor of Lincoln Wharf, to expand living space.

    ZLC Committee meetings are open, and all North End/Waterfront residents are encouraged to participate in these discussions, which are informational only. The Committee does not vote on applications, but forwards information to the NEWRA Executive Committee for consideration of a vote by NEWRA members.

    Dave Kubiak, Co-Chair
    ZLC Committee

  2. Anyone know if this is a request for a NEW license or is it in anticipation of the Logan airport licenses becoming available, much like everybody applied for the new all alcohol licenses that were made available a couple of years ago ?

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