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Parcel 7/9 RFP Committee Meeting on January 4th

Parcel 7 and Parcel 9 RFP Advisory Committee
Tuesday, January 4th – 6:00pm
10 Park Plaza –2nd Floor, Conf. Room #5

Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) Commissioner Scott Soares will attend to discuss the plan for a new public market in Boston on Parcel 7’s ground floor.  He will also discuss the role of Project for Public Spaces of New York City to research, develop and produce an implementation plan for the management of the new market.

The purpose of the advisory committee is to advise MassDot in their preparation for Request for Proposals for the development and use of both parcels.

Parcel 7 is located between Hanover Street and Sudbury Street in the City of Boston and currently houses Ventilation Building number 4 and a Parking Garage.  Parcel 9 is located between John Fitzgerald Surface Road and Blackstone Street, adjacent to the Haymarket Pushcart Vendors, in the City of Boston and currently is vacant.

For more information, please contact John Romano, MassDOT Municipal Liaison at (617) 973-7028 or