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McGrory on Chiofaro’s “Plan B”

Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory broke some news this week disclosing Don Chiofaro’s “Plan B” for the Harbor Garage site. The alternative plan complies with the City’s guidelines including a 200 foot height limit on the site between the Greenway, Boston Harbor, Aquarium and Harbor Towers. The plan calls for 300 residential units above the existing garage in a horseshoe-shaped design and an opening facing the harbor. According to McGrory:

“I came to learn that Chiofaro and his partner have, in fact, researched a plan to leave the 80-foot-high garage intact and build 12 stories of condominiums and apartments on top of what’s already there, bringing it to 200 feet. They have done what was described to me as “extensive structural analysis’’ on the building and determined that, with some work, the foundation and garage can support the extra floors. The plan calls for them to spruce up the garage with some latticework and better retail space on the ground floor, but it would still be the same basic ugly wall running some 270 feet along the Greenway.”

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