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Cab Stand Makes History; City Switch Speed Record

The brand new Cab Stand on North St., at the corner of Commercial St., is no longer a Cab Stand. In record-breaking speed by the City of Boston, it has been transformed into a marked Handicap Ramp.

Readers of this blog learned the story of the space a few days ago, when a handicap ramp was suddenly turned into a “Tow Zone — Cab Stand”.  The handicap ramp in the sidewalk at the spot was so hard to see, it was a perfect stealth trap by City towing trucks. Every morning at 7:30 a car would be towed. The City obviously loved those fines and towing charges.

Parking spot on corner of North St. & Commercial St.
Parking spot on corner of North St. & Commercial St.

After that story appeared,  an anonymous note was received by this blog saying, “A mistake was made.” The space should have been designated a Handicap Ramp. The anonymous City Hall source said the wrong work order code was sent out. Blame it on the computer, as usual.

And sure enough, in a flash, the “Tow Zone — Cab Stand”  signs were replaced with Handicap Ramp signs.

Why the space was simply not used like any other parking space, with meter checkers and ever-alert tow truck operators told to ignore the useless handicap ramp (since few people can see it and  there is a ramp at a crosswalk a few feet away), would have been far too logical and simple a solution for our parking experts at City Hall.

The  Cab Stand may now be a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records: The shortest-lived Cab Stand in the Western World — one that never had a cab standing at it.

Bob Skole