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ABCD & Boston Shine Sponsor Open Enrollment Event

There are very important changes in Medicare plans and it is vital that seniors are aware of them and get solid advice regarding the plan that meets their needs. Advocates have expressed fear that without this advice seniors may end up going to their pharmacies in January and finding that their medicine is not covered.  The “Open Enrollment” period ends Dec. 31

The ABCD, Inc. North End APAC, located at 1 Michaelangelo Place, will be hosting an open enrollment event for Medicare Beneficiaries on Thursday, December 16, 2010 from 1-5 p.m.

The Boston SHINE Office, Senior Medicare Patrol and Center for Medicare Services will be presenting information regarding Medicare fraud, open enrollment, changes to Medicare in 2011 and changes to drug and health plans.

Medicare Beneficiaries who have questions regarding their current coverage, making changes to their drug and/or health plans are encouraged to attend.  SHINE counselors will be available to counsel seniors about their health insurance needs, that afternoon. Medicare Beneficiaries who need to change their drug or health plans should bring their Medicare card, current medication list and current health or drug plan cards with them.

SHINE is the State Health Insurance Program for Massachusetts. They provide free health insurance information and counseling for people with Medicare.