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24-Hour Globe Santa Benefit at Improv Asylum, “No Rest for the Wicked Funny”

About 200 people crowded into the Improv Asylum’s North End theater on Hanover Street for a 24-hour non-stop benefit show this weekend. The Improv Asylum’s co-owners Norm Laviolette and Chet Harding hosted this year’s Globe Santa benefit, “No Rest for the Wicked Funny” sponsored by the Boston Globe. This was the 6th year for the fundraiser which will raise about $30,000 so Globe Santa can present gifts to children in eastern Massachusetts. Donations can also be made directly to the Globe Santa program.

Special guests in the show included Lisa Hughes from WBZ-TV, Kris Meyer, Farrelly Brothers producer, Chef Jason Santos, comedian Dave Russo and 2010 Pulitzer Price winner Paul Harding. There were also three auctions held at various times during the 24-hour event. A $20 donation gave attendees in and out entrance to the theater throughout the comedy marathon.

Photos by Matt Conti.