6 Replies to “Matteo Gallo Applies For 6-Story, 22 Unit Apartment Building at 234-238 Hanover Street

  1. I pray that BOTH neighborhood groups consider and vote on this only after they have the final plans submitted to the city and they have letters of support for the project that can be verified and if approved someone CONSTANTLY monitors the project to make sure that Gallo builds what he says his is going to build and that inspectional services stop the project if he tries to pull a fast one.

  2. Really folks. This hasn't even been heard yet. Let's give Matteo a chance to present his case to the neighborhood. While I know he pushes the limit, I have always found him to be an honest and interesting person.

  3. Why does the North End need a project that tries to maximize space by building 22 units in a tight dark alley? Its not a good project for the neighborhood.

  4. I hope that another unhappy resident and concerned attend future neighborhood meetings to voice their concerns and opposition. Or at least call the ZBA

  5. In a neighborhood that thrives on tourism and real estate, i often wonder why people make such a big deal out of building owners who wish to expand their property. They are not harming anyone. Instead, they are increasing all of our property values by adding more units. The North End used to be a ghetto and it is these developers who put money into our neighborhood.

    In regards to the neighborhood "hearings": they are a complete joke! I have seen Mr. Gallo present in the past before the NEWRA and Neighborhood Council with letters of support, signatures from abutters, professional plans, etc and each time they deny him, while allowing others to build. Members tend to support their favorites and EVERY meeting i have ever attended in my 14 years of living in the North End has ended in some type of free-for-all circus. There are certain groups who seem to attend these meetings with the intent to stir up trouble and create a jealous atmosphere. At one meeting, a lady (she doesnt even deserve to be called a lady, but since she is significantly older than me i was taught to respect my elders) actually gave the gentleman sitting next to me the finger while he spoke because he supported a project Mr. Gallo was presenting that night.

    Another woman stated "it is your TYPE of people that ruin our neighborhood!" What TYPE is that I ask? People who are educated, hardworking, not living off government assistance that they clearly dont need while owing buildings and driving luxury cars! The TYPE of people who rent to elderly people. The TYPE of people who found out a family from the NORTH END, that lived here their whole lives had no bed for their son and GAVE them one! It is sad to say, but it is not these TYPES of individuals who give the North End a bad name….it is the NORTH END PEOPLE that give the North End a bad name!

    i can only hope that one day these boards will be eliminated or at least made up of individuals who are not biased and the people who attend them vote with an open mind, not one filled with envy.

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